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Craig Townsend is Director of "It's Mind over Matter" and has worked in the area of mental training for sport and personal development over the past two decades.

He possesses a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and for 20 years has researched and experimented with various methods of tapping the mind's potential, combining the subjects of hypnosis, auto and hetero-suggestion, deep relaxation, personal development, meditation, visualization, motivation, NLP, the Silva Method, positive thinking, mind/body medicine, Zen and other eastern philosophies to create a highly effective mental training programme which has brought impressive results.

He has worked with National and State level sportspeople of all kinds for over a decade, teaching them the various methods of improvement through mental training, and creating a powerful program which has spawned impressive results in athletes, golfers and swimmers at all levels.

His mental training programs have led the way in mental training for sports of all kinds, utilizing a powerful blend of mental training techniques.

His deep understanding of the various mind techniques has led him to lecture major corporations such as Fujitsu, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Comverse Network Systems World Group Annual Meeting in Phuket, Thailand, cancer patients at various hospitals, and public seminars on the mind and its influence on our success. Craig passionately devotes himself to increased development and understanding of the mind, and is committed to passing on this information to those who seek greater achievement in their lives.









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