The 4 Major Beliefs For Golfing Success

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What you believe is by far the most important thing when you are about to tee off.

Of course, your thoughts are also important, but your beliefs will actually determine your results each day you go out to play. This is because the mind controls the body - or more correctly, the subconscious controls all human body movement. The subconscious also contains your beliefs, which bears a major effect upon each and every stoke you play.

A quick example of the power of belief is back when the '4 minute mile' used to be considered completely impossible - even doctors had written articles saying this time was not humanly possible. And so when Roger Bannister finally broke the record in 1954, it was considered that this record would never be achieved again - yet in the following 12 months, 32 other runners broke his record, and now, in the present day, this 'impossible' time is regularly clocked at school sports carnivals!

Humans only perform within the boundaries which they have given themselves - and so it is important to know what it is that you believe when you are on the golf course. Positive or negative beliefs tend to create 'recurring patterns' in golf (eg. a classic exacmple of a negative belief is the 'yips') and so I have come up with what I regard as the 4 most important beliefs to remember when you are about to play a round - these need to become instilled into your mind so they become your automatic attitude to all rounds from now on.

These beliefs can transform your performance without even changing a single thing in your practice - as they create inner change which automatically create the outer changes you desire. Of course, creating these beliefs is the difficult part which I leave up to you - this is where your own discipline must come in.

Focus upon one of these beliefs each week, and allow it to wash through your mind regularly throughout that entire week. Then, the following week, focus upon the 2nd belief, and then the 3rd week on the third belief, and so on - until they become a normal part of your everyday belief system and mental attitude. If after 4 weeks you do not feel they have become part of your belief system, repeat this 4 week process again until they are.

As soon as these begin to become your firm beliefs, you will begin to notice a major shift forward in your results - and the birdies will flow from your club much more easily.

Please note: These are purely thoughts you need to think only - NOT to be spoken to others.


New Belief No. 1


"Why did I ever worry about past shots or future holes? From now on, there is only 'now' - and I only have to hit one shot!".

In successful golf, you only ever hit one shot. This is followed by another 'one' shot, followed by another, etc. In golf, you do not have the luxury of thinking cumulatively. There is only now, and this one ball - the past is now gone, and the future has not yet arrived. Focus completely on the 'here and now' - and never, ever allow your mind to dwell upon past shots or future holes.

New Belief No. 2


"I'm a machine today. Nothing can bother me, affect me or stop me today - not the course, not the players, not the conditions, nothing! I'm the master of my own thoughts today, and I'm completely in control of my own thoughts, focus and concentration - and every thought is going to be positive. I'm untouchable".

Never let your own (or anybody else's) thoughts or attitudes get in your way - be an oasis of positive thought out on the course, remaining untouched by negativity, regardless of the circumstances.

New Belief No. 3


"These conditions are perfect for me today! There's a fairway in front of me, a hole to hit into, and it's a great day for a brilliant round!"

It doesn't matter what the conditions are - this must be your attitude, regardless of the course or conditions. Every day must be a perfect day to play golf from now on. Never allow conditions get in the way of a great round.

New Belief No. 4


"I feel great today and there's nothing I can't do on the course today. I'm going to give this course a real shake - I've put in the practice, so what's to stop me?

I know I'm able to make this shot - because at some time, somebody has made this shot before me - so why not me, right now?".

You must know that there is absolutely nothing to ever stop you putting in a great performance. Think of yourself as relaxed, focused, unlimited and relentless.

Don't waste your time focusing upon the obstacles - what you focus upon, expands - focus upon the goal instead, and let everyone else worry about the obstacles!


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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