Accelerated Learning in Golf: Master New Stroke Changes Quickly

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Your mind can allow you to master a new swing three times faster than normal, simply by programming it correctly.

By successfully creating a blueprint of the new shot within your subconscious (which is the same as creating a diagram in your computer before you print it) your body will take these instructions and attempt to reproduce it as perfectly as possible each time, until you have mastered it completely.

So how do you do this? By using a tailored version of your normal golf visualization. Let me explain. First of all, visualization means that you must be able to mentally see yourself hitting this new shot perfectly, in your mind, everytime. This is very important, and must be used regularly in order to create a new mental program for the body to follow.

However, I have found that when mastering a new skill, the sensation of feeling this shot is even more vitally important than 'seeing' it in your visualization. Feeling the shot being executed perfectly creates a sense of authenticity within your subconscious which cannot be attained any other way (other than actually physically hitting the shot), which almost mentally authorizes the shot to be accepted as part of your normal golf game.

This is not a sensation which can 'faked' easily, especially when you may not have a good reference-point as to exactly how this new swing actually feels (or is meant to feel). So it takes some mental practice - visualizing with real feeling that you have mastered the new shot totally, again and again.

Feel it - really feel the shot in your mind, again and again - and the swing will come to you - faster than you could possibly imagine, and faster than any other means possible in the world at the moment. There is no faster way to learn anything than to go to the very source of the human body's ultimate Mission Control and command center - your subconscious mind.


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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