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Right now deep within you, you possess the ability to play a near-perfect round of golf. This ability lies within your mind.

If you have ever hit a great shot before (yes, even the ones you regarded as lucky!), the blueprint for that exact shot is right now deep within the archives of your mind's memory bank, waiting to be used again!

You see, all golfers rely on the memory of their past golfing experience to hit shots (and then improve upon them), and then those new shots are stored within your memory bank - this is how we improve from experience (your mind's subconscious remembers every event in your life from the time of birth through to the present).

However, your mind requires specific commands in order to produce a great shot, and the fact is that most people don't know what these commands are.

Your powerful subconscious controls all movement (yes, all movement), stores all your past golfing 'experience' (in your vast memory bank) and also contains all your beliefs - which basically determine the limits to what you can personally achieve on the golf course.

Basically it is the key to improvement on the golf course (yes, even to overcome the yips) - yet so many golfers persist in training only their body to hit a golf ball, which never creates lasting change. As the mind controls the body (not the other way around), the mind is the crucial factor to getting your body to obey your instructions on a consistent basis.

Your subconscious mind works very much like a computer, in fact, the first prototype for a computer was modeled directly on the subconscious - which means that if you feed the correct 'data' into it for your golf shot, it will give you the result you want. Unfortunately (for most people) it also means the opposite as well - if you give it the wrong data, it will also give you a bad result from your shot most often.

As your mind thinks in the form of images, feelings, words and thoughts, it allows for several different ways to program it, far too numerous to list here. However, I will go into more of these techniques in future golf tips.

The main thing to know is that mental training and golf psychology is a secret weapon which can transform your results very quickly, and overcome problems which you may have been experiencing for years.

As the mind is unlimited, so is your capacity for improvement, regardless of age or standard - never, ever forget this. As long as you practice your golf with your mind and your body, the sky's the limit.


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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