Achieving Consistency

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Are your results usually strong and consistent, or do you experience extreme up and downs, with your scores up and down like a yo-yo?

It seems that some golfers would do almost anything for more consistency in their results, which can sometimes range from brilliant to terrible within a few minutes! So what is the secret of consistency? In your daily habits - this is where consistency lives.

Consistency from your body originates from consistency in your mind. This means that if you put in a consistent effort in your practice, you will achieve consistent, solid results in your competition rounds. But there is much more to it than this.....

First of all, there may be days when physically you feel tired or jaded, and so focusing is not always easy on these days. There will always be occasional practice days when you will feel less inspired, less strong or less energised than you normally would - but the key is to try and put in the same amount of mental and physical energy anyway, regardless of how you feel.

This routines your mind into 'expecting' consistency in your results, and this will begin to be reflected in your results in compeition. Basically what I am saying is to make consistency a daily habit, not just something you hope will happen on the day of competition.

But secondly, there is the more prevalent problem - which is your approach to practice. Often players play a completely different type of golf in practice to that which they play on a competition day. This usually means they take far more risks in practice than you would normally take during a competition game.

Sure, practice is a time for experimenting a bit, and developing and honing some new skills. But it is also designed to be the time when you develop a mental and physical routine or blueprint for your mind and body to follow when you play in competitions!

And so if your mental approach and practice routine in your practice rounds is completely different to that of your competition rounds, then you will not achieve consistency in your results when it really counts.

If you make consistency a 'way of life' on the golf course, then you will know exactly what to expect when you play competition, instead of wondering what results your body is going to deliver on the day.

Success lies in our daily habits - and your practice is the key to your success, so use it wisely. Your attitude in practice is going to reflect your results in competition.

So if consistency is something you desire, make it a regular or daily habit. This way you are leaving nothing to chance.


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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