Classic Danger Times On The Golf Course

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There are classic danger times you must watch for during a game, which can unravel even the most experienced players during their round.

Golf allows time in between shots which makes it easy to fuel negative thoughts and convert them into mental monsters, and this happens quite regularly. This makes it crucial to prevent these negative thoughts at the very source - the very moment they begin, as once you fuel a negative thought, it can wreak havoc on the remainder of your game for that day.

So what are the classic danger times? Well, many of these on this list might seem fairly obvious when you read through them, but it is amazing how much of that 'awareness' can disappear when under the pressure of a game! OK, here we go:

Right before and after teeing off on the 1st tee
This can decide how your entire round is going to go, the thoughts you have before you tee off, and also any negative reactions you might have after a bad shot. Monitor these times carefully and check that you are only focusing upon the positive - because what you focus upon, expands.

Directly after any (perceived) 'bad' shot - eg. into the water/bunker/rough
Negative or emotional reactions to these shots can send a golfer into a downward spiral if they are not careful, it is important at these times to accentuate the positive or use an affirmation or mantra over and over again to drown out the negative thoughts.

Directly after completing any hole where you three-putted (or more), or any hole perceived as 'terrible'
The last hole can have a major effect upon the current hole you are playing - so if you feel let-down by your putting on the last green, make sure you let it go before you are ready to tee off on the next hole.

Directly after any mis-hit
Ensure that one small mis-hit doesn't sabotage the rest of your round through dwelling on for too long. Quickly move it into the 'trash' file of your mind to be discarded, and re-focus upon the shots to come, or even better, mentally reflect upon the good shots you have done before that shot.

These are the danger times which can transform a good round very quickly if you are not watchful - so ensure you are on guard at these times to maintain a positive thought pattern. You are the one in control - who chooses what your mind is going to think. Make sure you choose wisely and provide powerful mental fuel for your shots ahead.


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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