How to Gain More Length and Distance In Your Shots

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Getting more distance and length into your tee shots is not only about club selection and technique. Your mind also has its fair share to do with this as, being the control-center of all bodily movement, it is basically in complete control of every shot you hit - and so it is a fairly logical place to work with (in additional to technique and club selection), when you are looking for additional length in your shots.

By working with your subconscious and conscious minds, you can add extra distance to your shots, through a combination of visualization, and on the course, consciously working with your deepest beliefs and expectations about your shots.

You probably already know a little about visualization, so I will jump straight into the power of your expectations first.

Our bodies generally only act within our own level of expectation, and rarely above them - and so it is very important to know what it is that we are expecting when teeing off.

On and off the golf course, we generally get what we expect (not what we deserve) - and so golfers often tend to hit distances which are within their own mental 'levels of expectation', or belief.

So what we want you to do is start shaking up your belief system, and begin expecting greater distances before you tee off (not during, however), regardless of the fact you are not trying to hit the ball necessarily any differently.

This is NOT to say that you should suddenly begin consciously trying to hit the ball harder - this is not the way to do it - the only changes we wish to make here are the mental changes before you play the shot, and once this happens, the mind will take care of whatever your body needs to do to lengthen your tee shot.

You can achieve increased results in your distances by hitting the tee shot the way you naturally do - but gradually working towards creating a totally new and unlimited outlook (before you address the ball) as to the possible length of the shot you are about to hit.

Over time, this attitude-change brings about the necessary changes to your belief system, and this will automatically bring about any physical changes required to lengthen your shots.

So many golfers and sportspeople I have worked with over the years have been totally amazed by the fact that simply by changing their mental attitude - while not (consciously) changing anything physically with their stroke - can still bring dramatically improved results!

This happens when we are able to overcome the inhibiting beliefs which had been holding back our power and ability.

Please note also, as this is very important - this does not mean that each time you don't hit a huge tee shot, you should beat yourself up with negative abuse and criticism - this would simply defeat the whole process!

You need to be incredibly patient with this before the changes take place - your current beliefs were not created overnight, and so they will not change overnight either - it might takes two, three or possibly even four months of doing these exercises I am outlining today, before you truly begin to see the results kicking in.

Just continue doing the exercise of expectation before your shot (but not as you are hitting the shot), and consciously cultivating the feeling of truly knowing that your shots are currently in the 'process' of becoming longer.

So, No. 1 - begin working with your beliefs, before every tee shot. Napoleon Hill once said "whatever we can conceive, and believe, we can achieve" - and it is quite true.

Secondly, we need to further cement this belief into the software of your mind - your subconscious - by using visualization and some special imagery.

You do this by regularly visualizing in your mind the very tee shots you are seeking on the course.

As usual, these images need to be imagined vividly with both color, sound and emotional feeling so that the mind will believe, and accept, the images - and this needs to be done on a regular basis to fully imprint this new blueprint within the subconscious for your body to follow on the course.

However there are also some additional touches you can use to further enhance these particular images if you wish, to make them more effective.

This means that you can bend reality a little within your visualization, to suit your own purposes - designed to increase their emotional effect within your subconscious, using some 'Hollywood-like' special effects which are only limited by what your own imagination can come up with.

For instance, you might like to mentally imagine the ball carrying through the air over vast amounts of land, to promote the feeling of incredible length in your shot (as it is the feeling we are trying to promote here).

Or adding a sound effect or maybe even a fiery glow that make the ball look or sound like a tiny meteorite hurtling through the air etc - I think you get the idea.

So begin today working on developing more power and length in your shots - by consciously working on your mental expectation before each tee shot, and then further entrenching the new mental blueprint through regular daily visualization, as mentioned above. Once your old beliefs have been replaced by the new - the sky's the limit.


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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