Mental Training Tips Archive

Golf Improvement Through Your Mind

*Special Article - The 4 Major Beliefs for Golfing Success

1. Access Your Sleeping Giant Within

2. Overcoming The Yips - Why Practicing (alone) Will NOT Fix It

3. Power Your Golf with Visualization ***

4. Monitor Your Thoughts On The Course

5. Get In 'The Zone'

6. Classic Danger Times On The Golf Course

7. Use Slow Motion Segments In Your Visualization for Technical Problems

8. Controlling Negative Thoughts On The Course

9. The Key to Lasting Concentration

10. Dwelling On Past Shots Can Help Your Game!

11. Using 'Damage Control' On The Golf Course

12. You Never Have The Luxury Of Thinking Cumulatively

13. Make Mental Training Part of Your Round

14. Practicing Great, But Struggling In Competition?

15. Your Greatest Enemy During Your Round

16 Overcoming Uncontrollables

17. Achieving Consistency

18. Try Some Reverse Psychology On The Golf Course

19. Less Is More: Why Trying Hard Can Cause Errors

20. Discover Your Peak Emotional State

21. The Mental Differences - Between Excellent and Average Golfers

22. Control Outside Influences Using Your Mind

23. Accelerated Learning in Golf: Master New Stroke Changes Quickly

24. Overcome Golf Injuries Faster

25. Play Within Your Comfort Zone

26. How To Be In Control - While Letting Go

27. Your Best Golf May Appear At The Most Unusual Times

28. Never Hit A Shot When This Happens!

29. Mentally Rehearse For Competition Golf

30. Make 'Tunnel Vision' A Part Of Your Game

31. Keep Your Game Insulated From Your Playing Partner

32. How to Never Stop Improving

33. Classic Mental Mistakes To Avoid

34. How To Remain In 'The Zone' Once You Get There!

35. Improvement - By Avoiding Self-Induced Pressure

36. The Best Time For Good Golf - And 2 Modes of Thought To Avoid!

37. How to Gain More Length and Distance In Your Shots





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