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Visualization is an integral part of both on and off-the-course golf psychology training, for players of any standard.

Very simply, visualization means imagining yourself successfully playing through all the various golfing scenarios you may encounter, seeing (and feeling) the perfect shot being executed for each and every occasion. When used regularly, this creates a powerful blueprint within the subconscious (the controller of all bodily movement) which your body has no choice but to eventually follow.

However, this powerful technique is capable of far more than just improving your golf, it's an amazingly flexible technique which is used in many other ways all over the world. Here's one example: Those golfers experiencing illnesses or injuries - for example back or knee problems (which seem quite common), the visualization technique can be tailored to help the body accelerate its rate of healing, via your body's immune system.

This is possible because your subconscious controls not only the biomechanics of your golf swing, and stores all of your golfing experience in its enormous memory bank, it also totally governs your immune system, the body's self-defence mechanism which heals the body.

There's nothing strange or weird about this as visualization is taught in many hospital programs to facilitate healing - so why not use it (when required) to speed up recovery and get back on the course a little sooner?

All you need to do is trigger your immune system into focusing upon the affected area, and you do this by sending it a command via your subconscious mind, and this is done through your regular golfing visualization. This is how.

After you finish the daily visualizing of your perfect round of golf - and we've discussed in the past how to do this - simply add an extra segment at the finish, where you imagine your body slowly repairing itself and returning back to 100% fitness. This becomes easier the more you do it. Finish by once again imagining yourself playing some great holes of golf, just to reaffirm your total fitness to play.

This is the only trigger your immune system needs to be activated - though this exercise should be repeated regularly until the affliction is completely gone.

If you are on medication for the injury, imagine it working on the affected area and speeding up its recovery.

Remember, your mind controls your body, and this means every area - specifically (for golfers) the areas of movement, muscle memory and healing. There are many other ways the visualization technique can be tailored, but we will discuss those another time. The best of health and happy golfing!


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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