Overcoming Uncontrollables

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One of the hazards to guard against during your round includes using up your valuable mental energy from your 'fuel tank' through worrying about things beyond your control. I call this worrying about 'uncontrollables'.

There will always be hundreds of elements present within the golf experience which can never, ever be 100% planned for - to mention just a few of these intangibles:
* the number of players at the 1st tee (and on the course)
* the degrees of wind, rain or sun on the day
* how well your playing partner plays on the day (and their subconscious affect upon your game)
* the speed of the greens on the day
* how you are feeling on the day, physically and mentally
* the exact location of your ball if it has landed amongst the trees (ie. whether you will have a relatively flat lie for your next shot, or if it came to rest between some tree roots in an unplayable position)
* etc etc etc - ad infinitum

These situations are all uncontrollables - meaning that they are all things which are simply beyond your control while you play your round. Any mental energy spent focusing or worrying about thoughts such as these is a complete waste of your mental energy tank.

This energy must be conserved and used frugally, to ensure that your concentration lasts for the entire 18 holes, and the way to do this is purely focus upon what you need to focus upon during your round, nothing more, and nothing less.
Players who constantly worry about uncontrollables have their minds constantly in motion, using up mental energy worrying about unchangeable situations (and also situations which may never eventuate), and these are the players who lose their concentration on the back nine, or maybe the last 3-4 holes. This happens purely because they have burned up all their mental fuel during the first nine (or so) holes.

Good golfers use 'switch on, switch off' concentration - meaning they 'switch on and focus' during their shots, but then switch off and relax their mind whilst walking to their next shot - only to 'switch on' again to size up the situation. This gives their mind a much-needed break between shots, which rejuvenates the mind and increases your level of mental endurance.

Be watchful about what you are focusing upon during your round, because unless it is something tangible which you can possibly change, forget it. Conserve your concentration (and your mental fuel tank) and focus only upon the goals, not the obstacles - because whatever you focus upon, expands. Make sure your fuel tank lasts the entire eighteen holes!

"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend


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