Use Slow Motion Segments In Your Visualization for Technical Problems

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Technical problems are common in golf, however the common approach is to use physical practice (alone) to work them out.

However, this method creates results which are rarely permanent unless the 'new' swing has been grooved in with literally thousands of repetitions. This is how many repetitions it takes to change the inner blueprint for the stroke, which lies within your subconscious mind.
A much quicker and more effective way is to combine the mental and physical approaches - diligently practicing your swing whilst also applying a specific visualization technique both on and off the course, to create the new 'program' within the subconscious for your body to follow. This speeds up the learning of a new skill by 3-4 times!

Visualization is simply mentally imagining the perfect stroke within your mind's eye, however a specific approach is taken to get your swing to automatically reflect any new technical changes your pro may have made to your swing. This is where you slow down the visualization 'movie' into slow-motion segments.

The reason for the slow motion is that it allows you to mentally break the swing down into the correct segments of the new swing, ensuring that all new modifications are included - which can be very difficult to visualize at 'normal speed'.

You do this by mentally 'seeing' the entire swing from start through to to finish, but simply slowed-down - and often stopping or 'freeze-framing' certain parts of the swing to cement them into your mind, before continuing on until the movie of the entire swing is complete.

Having said that, once you have mentally visualized the slow motion version, continue to repeat this in your mind, but each time, make the 'movie' a little faster until you can eventually visualize the new swing at 'normal speed', and seeing the swing as one flowing continuous action.

Do this on a daily basis until it is automatic to 'see' the new modified swing at normal speed in your mind. Once you have a strong blueprint within your subconscious (the controller of all your movement) you will soon begin to see slow but steady improvement on the course.

Of course, apart from the daily visualization, you also need to employ your mind on the course as well. Mentally run a quick 'vision' of the new swing through your mind before each shot (if you have time, include a 'slow' and 'normal' speed version, otherwise just a 'normal speed' version is fine).

An easy time to add a 5-10 minute visualization session to your schedule is when you first wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed - more on this in my general visualization tip here

Try this method, it will surprise you how easy and effective it is - the answer lies right there within your subconscious, the controller of your every golfing movement.

"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend

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