You Never Have The Luxury Of Thinking Cumulatively

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It is essential in the psychology of golf to constantly focus on the 'here and now'. The more your mind focuses upon scores, the less it focuses on the quality of your golf.

Golf is a game that does not allow you the luxury of being able to think of the round as a 'whole', but only allows you to think of the shot you are currently playing. This means that as soon as your mind wanders off the current goal at hand (the shot you are about to hit) and onto your overall score and the great (or terrible) round you have been having, your focus goes out the window.

Each individual shot must be contained within your mental focus, instead of allowing it to spill over into the remainder of your round and being relegated into a blur of endless thoughts. Focusing on the current shot instead of constantly thinking of your overall score takes the pressure off and allows you to play more freely and relaxed - which generally improves your standard or level. (Evidence: How many times have I heard of golfers who play better in practice than in competition?).

Of course, when you play well the score simply takes care of itself - and there are no concerns about how your overall score is progressing because you know it will be fine. Constantly worrying about your overall score only takes your focus off your game and puts your mind and body under further pressure whilst you are trying to play good golf. That's when you REALLY have something to worry about!

So what I am saying is - don't worry about the score, let it take care of itself. When you are playing, be 'in the now' and focus only on one shot, your current shot - and then do the same on the next shot, and the next, and so on.

This is not to be confused with an earlier tip about 'remembering a past great shot' from you round - which is designed to prevent negative 'dwelling' upon bad shots. That is the only form of reminiscing that is allowed during your round, until you are safely in the clubhouse afterwards - as golf does not generally reward those whose minds focus constantly on the score.

So begin focusing on the here and now while you play, and see if you notice the reduction in pressure you experience, and how your game (and scores) benefit.


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend

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