Your Best Golf May Appear At The Most Unusual Times

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Clicking into 'the zone' on the golf course can happen when you least expect it, and often at times when you actually may not be expecting to play well at all! I will explain why in a moment.

An example of this might be if you are playing in the morning, but feeling a little under the weather after an extremely late night the night before - and yet to your surprise you find you are hitting shots you normally can't make when you are feeling great!

Other times great golf can occur is when playing at a time when you are somewhat distracted by something - such as not feeling particularly well, or having been running late to get to golf, or if you have some pressing personal or business problems which are distracting you from concentrating fully upon your golf. (Yes, I will explain why shortly!). Of course, great golf won't always happen at these times - ironically these very times can also bring out the very worst in a golfer's performance as well! The point is that 'the Zone' can strike at any of these times, or at any time at all without notice - hence its mysterious reputation and the regularly-pondered question "Why am I playing so well?!".

Another time that can very surprisingly deliver excellent golf is when you've had an absolutely disastrous first nine holes, where you became so frustrated that you virtually gave up and just started going through the motions! This very act of 'mentally surrendering' can often, to the golfer's surprise, click them into the zone.

Sadly, when this happens, it is usually directly followed by the golfer trying to analyse why this brilliant golf is suddenly happening, and beginning to consciously 'try' again instead of allowing their strokes to flow on automatic pilot. These two aspects - 'analysis' and 'trying' - are the very two culprits which are responsible for chasing 'the zone' away!

This happens because during these times when we do not expect to play well, we mentally go into 'surrender' mode, where we literally are trying less. This is not to say that you have necessarily given up completely (though this can happen at times!) but it is enough to signal to your conscious mind to disconnect from your shotmaking - which immediately allows your all-powerful subconscious (your control center of movement) the ability to fully co-ordinate your swing - without the usual constant and inept instructions from the weaker conscious mind.

Result: Smooth, effortless swings hit on auto-pilot, and with great results.

Which is exactly why the 'zone' is often so fleeting - because as soon as we begin to analyse our swing or try too hard again, it instantly re-engages the conscious mind again, and the great results simply disappear immediately.

So if you are ever having a particularly bad day, try emotionally disconnecting from your golf a little (something I call the Law of Detachment which is: 'we can have anything we want as soon as we don't need it'). As soon as you detach and relax a little, it allows your subconscious to do its job properly - and your standard of golf will lift immediately.

This is definitely worth practicing each time you are on the course, as it is pure joy to play in the zone - and this is one of the ways to get there. Best of luck and may the Zone be with you!


"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend

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