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Mind Training for Golf Program

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* Golf Program Info (45 min)
* Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
* Night-time subliminal




This program is the complete golf program, for on the course, and off - providing you powerful techniques you can use every step of the course, and also a potent visualization exercise to program your game when you are at home, which you can ccustomize to suit your next competition.

* Now also inlcudes a bonus Night-time Subliminal (mp3 verion only) - go to sleep to the sound of relaxation music, while your subconscous absorbs the positive suggestions playing subliminally underneath the recording.

Suitable for players of all standards, on mp3.

"In my last two years of playing high school golf, I used Craig Townsend's recording for golf and it changed my game forever. It helped me truly reach my full potential beyond what my skill and practice had yet done. 

After using Craig's system, I went from placing in the top ten at state my sophomore year to individually winning back to back state championships my junior and senior years and earning a golf scholarship at a Division 1 university. 

I attribute much of my success directly to Craig's help! Any player who is already working hard on their game but wants an edge to help them reach the next level will absolutely benefit from this mental training just as I have! Thanks Craig!" 
Dane Christiansen



Other Golf Programs

Mind Training for Putting Program mp3 Download

* Golf Program Info (45 min)
* Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
* Night-time subliminal


Yips in Putting
mp3 Download

* Golf Program Info (45 min)
* Daily Yips Hypnosis / Visualization
* Motivational Car Recording
* Night-time Sleep Subliminal

A general putting hypnosis / visualization program, to improve results on the green.   For those experiencing putting yips on the greens, a more powerful program for addressing this specific issue.






Your Own Personalized, Custom-Made Hypnosis Recording

* Personalized Hypnosis / Visualization Recording
* $125 of Bonus Extras below (some only available by mp3):
- Alternative Bedtime version
- Sleep Subliminal
- Pre-match Motivational
- Golf Program Manual
- The Power of Belief


Your own personalized, custom made golf 'hypnosis / visualization' to help you achieve your goals, overcome 1st tee nerves, improve your technique, accelerate your improvement, overcome intimidation, etc etc - created personally by Craig Townsend (clinical hypnotherapist).

This is all completed within just a couple of days, and you can have it downloaded to your computer for use, right away.

These custom made recordings contain personalized hypnotic suggestions and visualization created specifically for you, and tailored to your exact personal needs, and can be created for only , which covers the cost of the time to write the hypnosis 'script' (ie. the hypnotic suggestions / visualization), the audio recording, and uploading of the files for download.

* Added bonus extras:
As well as the main hypnosis recording Craig will create for you, he will also include:

a) a 'subliminal recording' for you to use day or night - ie. if you wish, you can fall asleep each night to the sound of the beautiful relaxation music, while the hidden subliminal hypnotic suggestions are absorbed by your subconscious. And:

b) a car recording - a copy of your hypnotic suggestions you can listen to in the car on the way to the course.

Some popular issues that golfers like to address with these custom made programs include:

raising confidence / belief

overcoming 1st tee nerves

overcoming the yips

improving competition performance

mastering new changes, or improving technique more quickly

concentration and focus, and on back nine

increasing length and power

overcoming bad habits

create new automatic responses

mental clarity











  Golf Mental Training  

Mind Training for

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 * Golf Mental Training Program
  * Daily Hypnosis
  * Sleep Subliminal



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